Freelancer Toolbox

Freelancer Toolbox

As independent workers, it is important that we leverage technology efficiently so we can scale our capacity and our revenue. As you begin to grow your business, please consider the applications below. Each selection was made after hours of research and testing.

These are the tools we have used to grow our businesses and the tools we recommend to anyone who is looking to grow their business.


  • Superhuman - All of the features you expect from a professional mail client - send later, read receipts, and powerful search - but in a gorgeous interface. [Currently available by referral only. Contact us for a referral.]
  • Grammarly - Nothing is less professional than poorly written emails and proposals. However, as freelancers, who is going to proof them? Easy - Grammarly!
  • TextExpander - Hands-down the best utility for helping one person maximize their productivity. Make quick work of your inbox, while remaining personable. [Save 20% off an annual plan.]


  • Backblaze - There is no excuse to lose valuable data. Backblaze makes it super easy to protect yourself and your clients from costly data loss. [Get one month free.]


  • Tailor Brands - When lauching your business, don't get bogged down with your branding. Tailor Brands is the quickest & easiest way to get a brand and get back to your trade. [Try it for free.]
  • ConvertKit - When building a personal brand, few things are as important as your email list. ConvertKit makes it easy to grow your own platform online to communicate with your target market. [Free 100 Subscribers]


  • MileIQ - Stress-free mileage tracking - swipe left for personal trips and right for work trips. It's the easiest way to create accurate reports your taxes. [Save 20% off an annual plan.]
  • Freshbooks - Automate your bookkeeping and get back to servicing your clients. Freshbooks makes it easy to bill professionally and get paid quickly. [Free 30 day trial.]
  • Timing App - Tracking time sucks. But for Mac users, Timing tracks it for you. Regardless of whether you bill by the hour, knowing where your time goes is huge for optimizing your productivity. [Free 30 day trial.]


  • Sonos - Although somewhat trivial, the thing I miss the least about working in an office is sweaty headphone ears. Having a Sonos in my home office is 👌🏼.
  • Gazelle - Trade in your old iPhones, iPads, & laptops for cash. Gazelle is an safe & easy way to harvest the value of devices sitting in a junk drawer. [Bonus $10 credit.]