Episode 9

Staying Inspired As Freelancers: Staying Engaged, Ideal Clients, Treating your brain like a Tesla, and preparing for Artificial Intelligence and an Economic Downturn


August 21st, 2018

44 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

Rob and Sara discuss how they manage to stay inspired and engaged during the day-to-day of freelancing. They discuss how to manage the drudgery in running their own businesses. They discuss the benefits and downsides of having control over every aspect of your business and the way this differs from their time at traditional agencies and law firms. Rob, who has his MBA, explains how freelancing is the purest form of business and how much he enjoys running the business aspect of being a freelancer. Rob follows certain brands he finds inspiring and puts them on a pedestal. The co-hosts discuss whether there is a good way to cold call your dream clients and the benefits of putting yourself out there with potential clients. Sara explains her elaborate systems for staying engaged throughout the day and how she uses scheduling meetings and phone calls to organize and motivate her days. Rob explains how he's making strides at focusing on exercise and golf lessons towards the end of his day to be more efficient. Sara explains how Tesla's batteries's charging rates relate to the human brain and the constant goal of efficiency. They both discuss their view of their respective fields in several years as things change. The discussion veers into a slightly apocolyptic view as they discuss the potential big picture trends in law and marketing and they way they try to stay ahead of the curve.

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