Episode 15

Become a Freelancer in a Day - Emergency Preparedness to Freelance - Pt 2


October 2nd, 2018

44 mins 33 secs

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Rob and Sara discuss hitting the high points of days 2-10 of finding yourself in an unexpected freelancing position. Continuing to sow seeds with your village, avoiding putting yourself out there if you're not in a place of strength, taking time to feel angry, etc. Also, getting a phone number and then business cards from moo.com in a small quantity. They caution against falling into making a website too early and instead focus on a higher level of branding strategy. They discuss the importance of marketing yourself as a permanent freelancer rather than a temporary freelancer. Putting everything into your current situation is the smartest move to give yourself an honest attempt at freelancing. Rob and Sara then discuss branding and avoiding getting into branding trouble or violating copyright or trademark of other businesses when you're starting out. Networking with people at coffee is going to make up a lot of your first several weeks so choosing to isolate your meetings for a few days a week can be very viable. This is a great time to consider ways in which you can work as a vendor to your former employers or co-workers. Non-compete agreements also are essential to understand. Having a copy of everything you have signed at your former employer and understanding it. Avoiding running afoul of your legal obligations right out of the gate is important to move forward. Setting up your invoice software makes sense at this phase in the process as well.

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