Episode 14

Become a Freelancer in a Day - Emergency Preparedness to Freelance - Pt 1


September 25th, 2018

45 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

Rob and Sara discuss the emergency steps you should take on day one if you're fired or other circumstances result in you suddenly finding yourself needing to freelance. First set up your choice of entity at your state's secretary of state, without letting a name choice slow you down. Then obtain an EIN, open a bank account. They discuss pros and cons of business bank account options and complain about Spark CapitalOne, which sucks now. Then set up a business email address. Do this by creating a Squarespace account which will help you build out a landing page and an email address domain. Squarespace has templates specifically classified as landing pages, that way you only need a couple photos and a few paragraphs of information. Avoiding wasting time on a full-fledge website is essential. Choosing a domain for a year makes sense, and an email with g-suite under $5.50 a month. Getting the landing page up for $8 a month. They recommend defaulting to the month to month plan on software subscriptions even if the annual plan is a little cheaper. This will allow you to be more agile and will let you save money if you decide freelancing isn't for you after all. Then start your insurance application process ASAP. Whether its malpractice insurance, commercial general liability, or even just an umbrella policy. After this, it's smart to close your computer and spend some time thinking about your village. Who's in your corner who may be able to help you out? Start making a list to reach out to these people organically in the coming weeks. Congratulations, you've completed your first day of freelancing!

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