Episode 12

Live From Chattanooga Q&A: When to Trade Clients like Pogs, How to Fire a Client, Using Data to Direct Your Business


September 11th, 2018

30 mins 20 secs

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Rob and Sara conduct a live recording at the Society of Work in Chattanooga. The Unfederated community weighs in with their most pressing questions about firing clients, the ways in which they track data and use it to make decisions and direct their businesses. Changing pricing to more fairly compensate for the difficult clients can be an effective way of weeding your client base. You can also start only meeting by phone or providing less frequent response time. They discuss the delicate balance of choosing to focus on the most profitable clients, but maintaining the relationships that matter. They discuss using old school networking techniques like delivering holiday baskets, print holiday cards, and other thoughtful gifts and whether that resulted in increased client traffic.

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