Episode 10

Q&A: Impractical client requests, the lack of maternity leave as a solo business, partners who don't have an income changes the freelancer equation, mentors


August 28th, 2018

40 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

Rob asks Sara for thoughts on a client request to print and mail invoices when it disrupts his dearly held streamlined freelancer systems. When the name of the game is keeping non-billable work as streamlined as possible, making an exception can be really time consuming and productivity killing. They discuss the administrative difficulties associated with making exceptions or different procedures for clients. They discuss the importance of resisting inflating your overhead or administrative time for your clients and paring your client base down to clients who are a good fit for the way you want to practice business. They determine that your level of capacity should directly influence how much you're willing to flex. They take a listener question about individuals who have a spouse at home who are considering freelancing. Rob explains how having a wife who is also a freelancer worked financially when they had their daughter. Since maternity leave is not an option as a freelancer, planning for a hit in income is essential. They discuss the potential benefits of having a spouse who can help from a home economist role. They discuss how having a supportive spouse managing the family's life can be productive and helpful when starting and running a small business. They encourage listeners to not allow reasons to become excuses and to find someone in a similar situation to theirs to discuss their freelancing plans. The co-hosts discuss smuggling notes from freelancing to the traditionally employed and some of the themes and lessons she's learned that apply to people in all phases of employment and the importance of seeking out mentors and people to learn from.

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